E-commerce store builders in KSA - Pros and cons and how SEO shark can assist you to stay at the top of the gameThe e-commerce market has seen unparalleled growth in the last two years. This is mainly fueled by the pandemic. The pandemic has forced people to go into isolation. This boosted the online e-commerce market. E-commerce stores saw increased web traffic and sales. This motivated retailers and businesses to join the online e-commerce market. Many of these said business owners turned towards online e-commerce stores builders to create their online stores.

Online e-commerce store builders have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. More and more, Middle Eastern businesses are utilizing these e-commerce store builders to connect with their audiences. This inclination towards e-commerce store builders is also because businesses know that their customers are all online. Hence, they opt for e-commerce store builders. While these online website builders have significantly improved building an e-commerce store, they also come with their drawbacks. Many of these e-commerce store builders have no regard for e-commerce SEO. This is why many business owners have to turn to an e-commerce SEO company or an e-commerce SEO agency to get e-commerce SEO services.

This leads to many technical problems but before shedding light on those, let’s talk about e-commerce store builders being used in Saudi Arabia for a bit.

E-commerce store builders in Saudi Arabia

The e-commerce industry of Saudi Arabia is booming. This is largely due to the digitalization that Saudi Arabia has made possible in recent years. KSA has the highest internet penetration rate among all the GCC regions. Recent surveys and studies have highlighted that Saudi residents are buying things online more than ever. Around 75% of the population orders groceries online. These numbers paint a vibrant picture for a business thinking of joining the e-commerce industry. This has also given rise to the demand for e-commerce SEO services. Ecommerce SEO allows brands and businesses to become digitally renowned and exhibit their products/offerings more conveniently. This explains the rise in the number of e-commerce SEO agencies that have opened up in recent years in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam.

If you wish to join the e-commerce industry, then this article is what you need to get started. This article highlights the pros and cons of e-commerce store builders and guides you to make an informed decision when you choose an e-commerce SEO company.

There are countless e-commerce store builders in Saudi Arabia. Many of these are pretty simple to understand and use. Each e-commerce store builder has its own set of strengths and weaknesses and there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach. When opting for any online e-commerce store builder make sure you understand the terms of use and all legal information. Additionally, always check the pricing both with and without the taxes to know exactly what you’re paying upfront.

The following is a list of online e-commerce store builders in KSA that allow you build you e-commerce shop without any technical knowledge:

  • Ecomz
  • Shopify
  • Stella
  • Wix
  • Zid
  • Zoho commerce
  • Zvendo

Now that we have an understanding of the online ecommerce store builders, let’s move on towards the pros and cons. Here’s what you need to know before choosing an online store builder.

Pros of an e-commerce store builder

The following are the pros of an e-commerce store builder:
Pre-designed templates and layouts – Ecommerce store builders are quite simple and convenient to use. The biggest convenience that they offer is the number of pre-designed layouts it has in store. Each e-commerce store builder already has a specific set of themes and layouts with completely structured templates to help you get your online store without much effort.

Reduced cost and time – Ecommerce store builders can help reduce the time and cost required to create an online store. Since all the templates are pre-designed and the coding has already been done, you don’t have to expend your energy on any kind of coding. Generally speaking, e-commerce store builders are far cheaper than getting professional services. The reduced cost is also a bonus that you get when you opt for an online store builder.

Easy to use – Most online store builders are pretty easy to use. Many of them drag and drop feature that allows users to drag and drop whatever widget/tool/feature they want to exhibit on their online store.

Feature heavy – As mentioned earlier, many e-commerce store builders facilitate their users with many useful features. These features do not require you to have web designing or computing knowledge to use them. With the help of these features, users can build an e-commerce store within no time. From carousels to the parallax effect, e-commerce store builders have tons of features that help their users get a fully-functional online store.

Those were the pros of online store builders, now it’s time to discuss the cons.

Cons of an e-commerce store builder

The following are the cons of an e-commerce store builder:

Lack of customization – The biggest drawback of using an e-commerce store builder to build your online store is the lack of customization. Online store builders do not allow customization and only offer pre-designed templates, features, widgets, and tools. This can make achieving a fully-customizable online store near impossible.

Poor SEO – This is the second most crucial con of an e-commerce store builder. Since the source code of the template offered by an online store builder is pre-written, you can’t do much to improve technical SEO. A failure to SEO optimize your website fully can result in loss of business and lower SERP ranking. This is the reason why many people opt for e-commerce SEO services and turn to e-commerce SEO agencies to have their SEO needs to be met.

The best e-commerce SEO services in Saudi Arabia and all over the Middle East

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