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SEO SHARK has developed into one of the most coveted full-service SEO businesses in the GCC region. We have a passion for assisting businesses in achieving hyper growth and dominating their industry. SEO SHARK offers affordable SEO solutions to help all of your online marketing initiatives. Since 2008, we have worked with some of the biggest companies in the Middle East, and we are proud to be a leading provider of On-Page and Off-Page SEO, SEM and PPC marketing, technical SEO, and app store optimization. The key to our ultimate success has always been innovation along with communicative team and endless support for our client.


Our client, which was established on the soil of KSA in 1999, offers insurance, retirement, and asset management solutions to satisfy the financial demands of its clients at different periods of their lives. They are a market-leading provider of relevant financial, insurance, wealth management, and asset management solutions for individual, group, and institutional clients.


They were attempting to gauge how they performed in comparison to the opposition in the organic field with an internal digital marketing team. They wasted endless hours compiling information from different SEO tools. To be successful, they required a more organized strategy. They needed proper seo services for their insurance agency.

Our strategies for insurance agency SEO:

The business teamed up with SEO SHARK as we have already done with seo for insurance companies in Riyadh and other parts of Saudi Arabia, before. Starting from 14th January 2020, they hired us as their insurance seo agency. The firm took advantage of the insurance seo services and tracked keywords, boosted rankings, and found opportunities as well as site issues that required technical adjustments. SEO SHARK team provided them with a value-add by not just providing us with SEO plans, but we would make recommendations based on data. Working as their SEO consultants we provided the best of our services to the company. At first, they opted for the basic plan, investing a lesser amount of money. Eventually, they started seeing the result and consulted us about what should be their next step. Our team provided them with deeper insights into every plan and told them about the benefits of upgrading, leaving the decision to them.
Since upgrading their SEO SHARK plan, insurance company marketing begun to improve in the region of KSA at lower prices. We gave priority to implementing particular on-page and technical SEO tactics, like Meta tag optimization. We prioritized technical SEO adjustments before and after the migration to improve the site’s overall health. We also place a strong emphasis on obtaining excellent content creation and performance.


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With SEO SHARK, the firm has been able to reduce 75% of their time spent on marketing. The marketing manager of the company said, “Before SEO SHARK, we spent days doing marketing and saw less or no significant result. Today with SEO SHARK, we can easily glean actionable insights and take action to capture new opportunities in less than a day because ultimate services of SEO are provided by one of the best in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.” They noticed a 40% year-over-year increase in organic visitors while using the SEO SHARK approach. Within the time span of 8 months, our teams of professionals were able to get 52 keywords ranked on the first page of Google. Moreover there was also drastic success on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.


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Customer Testimonial:

“SEO SHARK is best insurance seo company. They combine all necessary SEO services and turn them into insights that can be utilized to help focus on continuous performance improvement, in contrast to most SEO programs, which are costly and fragmented.”