A fashion company takes the help of SEO SHARK to boost SEO rankings

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About us

SEO SHARK has developed into one of the most coveted full-service SEO businesses in the GCC region. We have a passion for assisting businesses in achieving hyper growth and dominating their industry. SEO SHARK offers affordable SEO solutions to help all of your online marketing initiatives. Since 2008, we have worked with some of the biggest companies in the Middle East, and we are proud to be a leading provider of On-Page and Off-Page SEO, SEM and PPC marketing, technical SEO, and app store optimization. The key to our ultimate success has always been innovation along with communicative team and endless support for our client.


The goal of a fashion firm looking to establish a strong presence in the market of KSA was to inspire and empower women by providing them with clothing and accessories that make them feel attractive. They were using different external solutions to get professional SEO recommendations before utilizing the SEO SHARK SEO plan for companies in Saudi Arabia. They decided to get SEO SHARK plan from 25th July 2020 to get our services of seo for fashion brands in the region of Middle East.

Our strategies:

To enhance traffic and visibility to their website, the firm makes use of every component of the fashion seo services of SEO SHARK, including advanced optimization, keyword research, blog writing, link building, and all other included services. We developed authority through unique content, including images, and optimized for both users and consumers at various experiences to keep current content. To maximize organic ranking opportunities, establish important keywords, and enhance utilizing tactical and technical measures, we carried out in-depth keyword research. Then, to optimize more thoroughly, we enhanced our SEO efforts based on keyword analysis. Our experienced team refined optimization even further, down to the level of each PDP (product detail page), which is something that many e-commerce websites should pay attention to.

For content, including blog entries, our team carried out on-page SEO for fashion ecommerce, such as optimizing title tags, Meta descriptions, and picture SEO. For technical SEO efforts, we concentrated on reducing website load times and fixing all technical issues, such as duplicate and orphan pages.

Earlier this year, we switched their website over to Shopify and concentrated on Google Photos, where we discovered a chance to facilitate customer shopping using images. By altering file format, server location, and utilizing structured data for photos, SEO SHARK team achieved immeasurable outcomes. Based on the outcomes of our initiatives, we kept improving them providing the best services to the firm.


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The business noticed a 65% boost in page one keyword ranks in just six months, as well as a 55% increase in ranking picture results. In six months we help the company rank 41 keywords on the first page of Google by the end of December. Additionally, they have noticed an improvement in average rank, a rise in the overall number of relevant ranking keywords, and an increase in impressions of more than 82%. Since took our help in SEO for clothing brand they have not looked back and are growing exponentially Saudi Arabia market.


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Customer Testimonial:

“The SEO SHARK team has been wonderful for our company; their result-driven strategies helped us to optimize our website in an effectively improved manner to boost keyword rank, impressions, website traffic, and eventually sales through the organic channel all over KSA.”